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Desk Sets...

With Excellent Handwork

Luxury Desk Sets

Leather Bags...

With Excellent Handwork

Leather Bags

Leather Accessories...

With Excellent Handwork

Office Accessories

Hand Stitching in Bag...

Hand stitching used in some models not only makes the appearance of the bag more elegant but also prolongs its life. It is drilled step by step with special waxed threads and double needles.

Office Accessories

Small Desk Sets
Office Cristal Desk Clock
Hotel Accessories
Luxury Cufflinks
Leather Office Accessories
Leather Pipe Tobacco Pouch

Tabac 2020 Catalog

Tabac 2020 Kataloğu

Leather Should Get Air...

You can store the pads and bags you do not use, knowing that they need air intake without wrapping them in plastic protectors. Remember to be gentle and gentle...

When your bag is wet...

Empty the bag and dry it naturally. Leave to rest without using the dryer at room temperature.