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Our company has been crafting office accessories, desk sets and gifts for more than 25 years. Previously, we were using only leather and wood , however in contemporary models veneers and artificial leather materials are also in use.

In our workshops, first the projects of our models are developed, then the production is proceeded. The customer satisfaction being of primary importance, we are constantly upgrading our models. Also in our research and development workshop, not only the projects for new models but also the research about the stability and the use of our products are carried out. Each piece of our handmade products are meticulously revised over and over, and the end user receives the product in its utmost perfectness.

The leather and veneer materials we use are of Italian origin. Though we favor the use of our local materials, in order to catch a certain level of quality and aesthetics, we feel compelled to use some imported raw materials.

In each step of our production, we specially prefer using natural and recyclable materials. Now we serve offer thirty colors of leather, eight types of veneer and thirty-five different colors of artificial leather. Also in the case of different color requests, we are more than willing to provide different options.

As a consequence of our strong desire to leave a remarkable mark both in foreign and local markets, we are always urged to aim for better. For that reason, our main target is to use the best of raw materials and consequently bring out the best of our products.


Tabak Deri ve Ağaç Mamulleri San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

MTK Sitesi 5747/11 sok. no:11 Çamdibi - IZMIR / TURKEY
Tel: + 90 (232) 431 17 01 pbx Telefax: + 90 (232) 431 17 04
E-mail : [email protected]


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